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GABrowse is a sample application designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health API GA4GH v0.5.1. Currently, you can view data from Google and Ensembl.

  • Use the button on the left to select a Read group set or Call set.
  • Once loaded, choose a chromosome and zoom or drag the main graph to explore Read data.
  • Individual bases will appear once you zoom in far enough.

To make use of this upon your own data:

  1. First, load your data into Google Genomics. See Load Data into Google Genomics for more detail as to how to do this.
  2. Navigate to the auth-enabled endpoint and go through the oauth flow.
  3. View some data, for example
  4. Then modify the ReadGroupSetId and/or CallsetId in the URL to those of your data.

The code for this sample application is on GitHub

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