Data Analysis Codelab

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There are a collection of analyses upon variants documented in codelab Data Analysis using Google Genomics.

In this codelab, you will use Google Genomics, Google BigQuery, Apache Spark, and R to explore the 1,000 Genomes dataset. Specifically, you will:

  • run a principal component analysis (either from scratch or using pre-computed results)
  • use BigQuery to explore population variation
  • zoom in to specific genome regions, including using the Genomics API to look all the way down to raw reads
  • run a GWAS over the variants within BRCA1
  • visualize and annotate results using various R packages, including Bioconductor

To make use of this upon your own data:

  1. First, load your data into Google Genomics and export your variants to BigQuery. See Load Data into Google Genomics for more detail as to how to do this.
  2. Update the BigQuery table name, variant set id, and read group set in the example to match those of your data.

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